• WellO2 Care Set includes:

    • - WellO2 device
    • - Power base
    • - Three (3) mouth pieces
    • - Breathing Regulator
    • - Extension hose
    • - Nasal mask
    • - Instructions for use (Finnish, English, Swedish)
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    WellO2 is a versatile respiratory exercise device for home use. WellO2 exercise with resisted ex– and inhaling opens airways allowing steam to penetrate deep into the airways.

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    Replacement part. Individual parts add hygienic use of the device. Further information: Breathing regulator adjusts ex- and inhaling resistance. This part includes valves that are essential for the proper use of the device. Its detachment and cleaning should be done very carefully. Never attempt to remove the valves from the regulator.

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    Nasal mask Nasal mask for nasal steam inhalation with the WellO2 device. Nasal steam inhalation alleviates congestion and irritation of the upper airways.

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    A set of three mouth pieces Individual parts add hygienic use of the device.

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    Refreshing dietary supplement for the steam inhalation. Add 1-2 tablets into the 0.5 L of water. The tablet releases menthol into the steam.

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